Green Crabs

The Green Crab Carcinus maenas is an invasive species in Maine. Native to Europe, this crab species first became noticeable in Maine in the early 1900s. The crab is a predator to quahogs, mussels, oysters, and soft shell clams, all commercially harvested species living in Maine costal habitats. As the Green Crab continues to threaten the states fisheries and costal habitats, many methods of population control have been proposed and implemented.

As students at The REAL School study this invasive species and it’s effects on the local environment, they have been inspired to step in and do something about it. The school has partnered with Garbage to Garden and a local scientist to trap the crab, study its population size along Mackworth Island, and use the crab bodies as nutrient rich compost in their school community gardens.

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