Hello Everyone! 
This is Julia talking, yesterday was really exhausting! 
We left at 5:30 am yesterday morning, we were flying all day.
We finally arrived in Melbourne, Florida. 
When we got there we set up our tents, and went swimming!
Then we went to Wal-Mart which was really tiring.
Then we went back and Alex cooked up hotdogs on the fire and finally went to bed! 

^^^^Air Plane Photo!! ^^^


exhausted from luggage

Arriving in Melbourne!


Our drive form the airport was 40min and we are staying on an island off of Melbourne called Melbourne Beach and the camp is call Long Point Park. Our site is right on the water and it's bathtub warm! 

By Alex B

View from camp

We ended our long day of travel and camp set-up with a delicious hotdog dinner prepared for us by our chef, Alex B! The entire group has been helpful and supportive of one another. We are headed out for a day at the Sea Turtle Preservation Center, picnic lunch on the beach, a visit to the Sebastian Inlet Fishing Museum and a late-night turtle walk with The Barrier Island Center!

-Page and Kristin

Fresh turtle tracks and a new nest from an early morning run on the beach :)