Facts by Julia:

[[ Plant Facts ]] 
Mangroves = Did you know that these plants separate Fresh Water from, Salt Water?
[Fun Fact] A lot of baby fish like to live their, to keep away from predators. 

Sea Grass =

It's a habitat for small fish. It's food for larger sea animals such as, Manatee and Sea Turtles!! 
[Fun Fact] Sea Grass photosynthesizes like other plants by taking in Co2 & creating oxygen. 
It looks like little air bubbles on the grass. Fish use this to breathe. 

[[ Sea Animals ]] 
Peppermint Shrimp=
 These live in coral reefs and are one of several types of "cleaner shrimp".
 In the wild these shrimp, go inside the mouths and gill cavities of other fish, like grouper, triggerfish, and moray ells. 
To remove parasites, dead scales and other debris. 
[[Fun Fact]] At the aquarium you could stick your fingers inside the water for a manicure. It felt someone tickling your feet but it was your nail instead!

getting a shrimp manicure!

[ Jaw Fish ]
- Is a type of fish, that berries it's nest inside the sand. How it does it, it opens its mouth and goes down and scoops up sand and brings it out and spits it around its nest. So it can build onto it. Fun Fact= The male fish fertilizes the eggs inside its mouth. 
by Julia K.

Barrier Island Jungle walk

Yesterday we went to the aquarium and saw many interesting and some what bizarre fish like the sea-cow and the lion fish (witch is an invasive species indigenous to tropic waters in asia). There were also many sea urchins my favorite of which is the rock boring urchin.

We also went on a jungle walk were we learned that the great land crab will burrow into the ground until they reach water. They eat a mostly vegetarian diet but will also eat beetles and other small insects. Some fish during low tide will go into land crab burrows until the tide comes back in.
by Alex B. 

parking lot deli in Vero Beach ;)

Learning about different reefs

Julia holding a moonsnail

Group shot! 

winding down at the beach after another busy day :)

Big thanks again to everyone who helped to make this trip happen - especially FRIENDS INTERNATIONAL for their contribution! 

Our whole group is having a great time (despite the killer mosquitos that come out at night to eat us)! 

We have another full day planned today beginning with a beach clean-up and turtle nest inventory. We've seen Green Turtle tracks and Loggerhead tracks on the beach across from our campground and now we're on a hunt for Leatherback tracks. We will visit the Brevard Zoo this afternoon where they just received a grant to open a Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center! 
More to come...

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