Rose - My favorite part of the trip was when we met up with the 4H club on Jekyll Island and went seining with them. Seining is a type of fishing where two people hold onto the end of a net and drag it on the ocean floor. We were able to catch a bunch of different kinds of fish, crabs, and horseshoe crabs with the nets. Apparently it was the most that the man, who was teaching us how to do it, had seen a group haul in. 

Bud- I am really looking forward to this evening because we have big plans for a barbecue and to start a fire at our campsite. I am a huge fan of roasted marshmallows, but I'm just hoping it cools down before we start a fire! 

Thorn- I would change the smell in the van! It's unclear where we came from but we've been spending a lot of time in it and it is quite pungent. But even that doesn't bother me so much when the air is on and its finally cold, because if you haven't heard, its HOT in Florida. 

Watering Can -  The 4H Center and the Georgia Sea Turtle Center both had AmeriCorps working with their organizations so it was cool to see all the different jobs that you could do while serving. They really helped us and were patient with our group!